Difficulty in New Customers
High Cost of Customer Acquisition
Poor User Experience
Weak Customer Stickiness

Improve Users Experience

After downloading the games, enterprises could increase new users' registration rate via TopYing Cloud Global Authentication Solutions at the right time,to increase customer engagement and stickiness.


Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Sending timed-marketing messages to new users based on the self-promotional budget at the appropriate time via TopYing Cloud Marketing SMS and Global Voice Products,such as for benefits for download and registration and recharge discounts, in order to lower the customer acquisition costs.


Improve Marketing Efficiency

TopYing Cloud Global SMS and voice communication products can help enterprises effectively guide new users to click on the short links to download games, thus improving the marketing efficiency of the industry.

Global Authentication

Sending randome numerice verfication code via SMS to verify users' identity saftely
Global Authentication
Marketing SMS

Sending the text messages via cellphones to attract new and regular customers
Marketing SMS
Group Voice Notification

Scheduling group calls automatically via computer software
Group Voice Notification
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